Marine FAQ

1.Buy the basic IoT Marine package which includes 1 year platform access.

2.Add the wireless package if need be - this option is to use wireless sensors.

3.We will notify you when your subscription is due to purchase additional connectivity.

You will be notified each time an alarm is triggered or any changes in the system occur. The online dashboard is updated constantly which means that data can be monitored in real-time.

Should there be no alarms within an hour, the system will still send a keep-alive message on the online dashboard.

Make sure that you have created an account within our online dashboard first.

If not, click here and then click on 'Create an account'.

Current consumption is about 5mA which should be negligible to a boat battery. You might opt to install an external switch to be able to switch off the external supply to the IoT Marine.

However it is suggested to leave the device at all times due to its negligible consumption and to constantly monitor the battery voltages etc.

Login to your account using our Online Dashboard. Then click here and press on 'Edit' next to the concerned device.